When Jacqui Storm invited me to participate in rebirthing therapy, I was unsure what to expect, it being something I’d never heard of before. It sounded interesting though, and after ten sessions, so it has be proved to be. I have felt safe and comfortable with Jacqui throughout the therapy; it was clear that she had undertaken the therapy herself (and continues to use the technique) and was able to put me at ease and guide me through it. She appears always to understand.

My challenge in the earlier sessions particularly was to ‘stay awake’ and to continue the breathing technique which Jacqui frequently prompted me to do. During the sessions I was aware of tingling sensations in my hands and arms particularly and latterly also some intense feeling of heat (energy?). Initially¬† I was not convinced that I felt particularly different as the result of the therapy but, as the sessions progressed, I felt relaxed afterwards with a clear mental focus and felt re-energised.

Over the past few weeks I have become far less irritable and generally calmer. I can think of no good reason for this other than the rebirthing sessions. Now I know how to control my breathing, I will continue to make use of this useful tool.

Stella P. (Bath)

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I have known Jacqui for a couple of years now and always found her sincere and passionate about her work. She has a gift with people. When I was asked to do the breathing sessions I didn’t really know what to expect but for a long time I have felt very heavy deep within and a bit lost. I have had my ten sessions and definitely feel lighter within, shed lots of tears but felt very safe with Jacqui without any judgement at all. I’m 62 years old and know I need more help so I am going to continue to seek help with Jacqui to get back the joy I need in my heart and to start living my life without feeling trapped.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs M. Woodham

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I have had breathing sessions with Jacqui Storm for some weeks. The sessions are carried out by her in a calm, relaxed, supported way so that I feel guided and know what I’m doing and not lost or abandoned. Th benefits have been many fold, some of which I would never have realised that I would get when I started e.g. a reduction in my chronic pain levels, allowing me more insights into where I hold tension in my body, where my body has a wrong posture holding pattern etc.

The main issue that wanted help with was to have an awareness and reduction of my fear and anxiety levels from various traumas through my life. I can see that this is happening in that I feel more positive and joyful about life. I’m able to be more flexible in my reactions rather than going straight into a panic as I am beginning to see that I can have freedom of choice. All of which had helped me to understand myself better and have better relationships with my family and interestingly, release my creative side, which in turn has helped me to be more confident and positive.

I would certainly recommend this breathing technique to anyone no matter what their situation.

F. T