Stress and Panic Attacks

Stress and Panic Attacks

Stress is a growing problem affecting more and more of us. It has become almost a habitual way of living. Some stress can be positive and stimulating but it also can be devastating to our health. Below is an outline of how stress can affect us and how the breath work can be helpful.

The way we use our breath tends to be habitual. If we have a longer period of distress our breathing becomes tense and shallow. This pattern will often remain when the distress has lifted and thereby continuing to send signals that we are in trouble.

The body starts to adapt to this new way of breathing, it will become more tense, the adrenal glands will remain on high alert, eventually affecting the immune system and other bodily functions. A tense body affects the way your mind works and the way you react to your environment, possibly leading to panic attacks.

Conscious breath work will help you to reconnect to your breath and relearn how to breathe correctly so that the above can be reversed, so relaxing, harmonising both mind and body.

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