Slovenian Retreat

slovenia-2-2016Connecting to the Breath and Having Fun whilst Walking in the Slovenian Hills July 2018



Join us July 2016 for a fun, healing week in the glorious hills of Slovenia. We will be going back to nature and simple living in a mountain house where we will be combining workshops and breath work to support our inner journey, and finding a healing space in the Slovenian hills and reconnecting to nature, gaining insights and tools to bring back home.

We will be supported in a safe environment, surrounded by friends and like-minded people.

What to expect during the week

Getting there

Your journey will start by taking a plane to Ljubljana airport and we will meet you here and take you through the picturesque landscape to the Koca Na Klopnem mountain house in the Pohorje hills.

The mountain house is family-run.  It’s  very friendly and easy going. Our hosts are beautiful nurturing people and it will be great to visit them again. Their down-to-Earth generosity is heart-warming.


This mountain house offers gorgeous local mountain food; you will not le

ave the table hungry. Your dietary needs will be met and I am sure you will be glad of the walk after your lovely 3 course meal. The meals are always served with light-hearted friendliness.


We are in good care with our mountain guide Boris, who is a trained hill walker. He will adapt the difficulty according to the group’s ability. Bring your comfortable walking shoes and dress in layers as it can be very hot, but as we will be about 1250 metres above sea level the temperature may drop at times. It’s also helpful to bring a small back pack and a water bottle. It is a rare treat to be in this very ancient landscape surrounded by views of untouched nature, freshening up with a drink from the river and maybe foraging for a few local herbs.

Breath work

Breath work in these hills is an amazing experience; it’s cleansing, freeing and deeply healing. I suggest you do some breath work before you come but it’s not essential. I will be there helping you and guiding you.

Mindful meditation

A daily mindful meditation is offered, deepening your inner knowing and sense of connectedness.


An easy yoga practice will be offered.

“Use your body to reach your mind through your breath”.

Barefoot walking (optional)

Liberate your feet and stimulate your nerve endings, feeling alive!

All activates are optional and you are free to take time out at any time. We are a strong supportive team so you are never on your own or forgotten, we want this to be a rich and fulfilling healing experience for you.


The cost is £550, with a non refundable deposit of £300 due before May 2016 as places are limited. This includes workshops and a mountain guide, transfer from Ljubljana airport to Koca Na Klopnem mountain house in the Pohorje hills and return, 3 meals + fruit, tea and coffee with shared comfortable roomsPlease note the cost does not include the price of flights.


For more info call – Jacqui Storm on 0786 8890 388


Your Hosts



Jacqui Storm

My experience as a group leader is teaching Su Jok acupuncture and Twist movement therapy; Running Huna development groups and organising the Bath Positive Living Group. I have many years of getting to know people through my work as a therapist, observing and interacting with people from all walks of life. I also draw on my experience as a mother of 3. All this gives me an insight into creating a nurturing and caring environment while guiding you and helping you to focus on your inner healing journey.

Boris, our fully qualified Slovenian mountain guide.

My name is Boris  ;)

I’m an open person who likes to smile. My hometown is Velenje, where we are surrounded by hills, lakes, and other beautiful countryside. In my free time my hobbies are going to the hills, mountains, alpinism, guiding people on organised hill tours. I love nature, being outside doing sports, meditation, alternative healing, natural living, Zen and art.

I like to read all kinds of books, learning new things, meeting interesting people. At the moment I’m interested in learning all kinds of things about wood.”

…His mind becomes clearer and clearer
He watches the sunset with no worries
He recalls old memories
And they do not trouble him…

Keep close to nature’s heart. Climb mountains or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean (John Muir)