DSCN4002It is important to learn to digest life as well as the food you eat.

I sometimes think that our digestion is a reflection on our ability to harmonise with life. So working on inner peace will help the blood, to stay in the digestive system as you eat rather than being pumped round your muscles just in case you get attacked by something your mind fears! I know I just presented an exaggerated and simplistic picture, but you may want to look at your general stress levels as well as the food you eat.

There are foods that cause physical and mental irritation such as sugar and artificial “food improver”, making it hard to rest and relax.

Looking at your food and talking to an expert may be very helpful on your journey of mental and physical health.

Keys and tips to good health are:

Hydration, elimination and alkalising

We are electrical beings. The prime energy source and conductor for our brain and nervous system is water. Our second energy source is glucose. The body will crave glucose if we don’t get enough water. One of the ways the brain makes sure it gets life-giving energy is by shutting of the thirst center, and it may take days of regular hydration before it starts working and before you feel thirsty again. Consuming too much glucose will eventually cause many health problems as toxins build up. For most people the ideal amount of water per day is 2 litres, together with the water gained from eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
Our bodies are like engines that can easily get clogged up, making us ill. The organs of elimination are the cells, lymph, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and large intestine. These are organs that may need some encouragement as many of us are overloaded with toxins. The lymph is activated through the breath and exercise and via skin stimulation, temperature differences such as heat and cold. A good way to encourage this pathway is to start the day with a body brush and a hot shower followed by cold. The liver is the engine removing outer and inner toxins like hormones and excess acid from stress. The liver makes cholesterol to protect the stressed and dehydrated cells. The cholesterol and bile gets recycled over and over again becoming more and more toxic. Fibres in fresh green vegetables will bind the toxic product and eliminate it, forcing the liver to make new fresh cholesterol. Daily elimination is vital to your overall health. The health of the large intestine is something to be taken seriously and I urge you to seek expert nutritional health advice if you don’t have a regular daily elimination. Once your body’s elimination routes are open and working, the cell will also eliminate toxins that have been building up. The kidneys may need support by resting.
We are acid making machines. Each time the body or mind is under the smallest amount of stress, an acid reaction occurs. As acid builds in our system we become more reactive and irritable, the same thoughts go round and round in our heads, our nerves become sensitive and our bodies ache. The body will heat up and become inflamed in an attempt to eliminate the acid deposits. An alkalising lifestyle and diet are important both for the body and mind. Living food and water are alkalising, fresh air and breathing is alkalising, 70% of acid is eliminated through your out breath.
Happiness has a direct effect on your heath. Make Happiness a Priority!!

Tips to Strengthen the Digestive system

Barefoot walking or running outside will strengthen the digestive system in time. It stimulates the lymph, acupuncture and reflex points that correlate to the digestive system, and it strengthens the muscles around the digestive tract.
Exercise such as walking, running and yoga will increase the blood flow to the digestive system; the body’s ability to regenerate increases with the extra blood flow from exercise.
Try to eat when it’s light, try not to eat when you are tired or stressed as it’s much harder to digest food at these times.

Do you have a food intolerance?
The added stresses of modern living are increasing the number of people suffering from food intolerance. If you suspect that you have an intolerance then try  eliminating the problem food or drink for a month and see how you feel. You may be able to tolerate the food in small amounts again after you have given the body a break for a month. Keep in mind that food may be very seductive, soon to be too much again and you may suffer anew.