Breath Work and Huna

Huna is Hawaiian Positive Shamanism

Emotional Breath Release connects our outer and inner world. Doubt, fear and guilt block us. Breath work can help us change negative pathways and transform them into positive insights. The ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Huna is full of helpful techniques to reinforce the insights gained from breath work. The ancient Hawaiians have used the breath, in healing work and for self empowerment, for a long time.
Huna reminds us that we have the power to change ourselves by changing our thoughts and, through that, the world around us.
A simple change of attitude such as learning to be grateful or forgiveness is very healing and a great antidote for doubt, fear and guilt.

Grateful exercise:
Be grateful for the small things that are revealed in nature, such as a flower.

Tune in to the parts of yourself that feel good: “energy goes where attention goes”.
Reinforce your gratitude with an inner smile while breathing in through the top of your head and out through your heart.

Breath work and Huna weekend March 29-30Forgiveness exercise:
Forgive by repeating a mantra of forgiveness, over and over again “I forgive, I forgive” it can be unspecific or targeted at someone or something.
Reinforce forgiveness while smiling within to any tense body part “The world is your reflex ion”

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