Holistic Back Care

Holistic Back Care

I am combing spinal therapy with breath work because over the years as a spinal therapist I have learned that chronic back pain is always accompanied by stress and emotional upset. A big part of the road to recovery is to address both these areas in life. The spinal work is focused around freeing the nervous system, realigning posture and re-balancing the muscular skeletal system.

There may be an element of nutritional advice during the treatment as simple nutritional adjustments can have a dramatic effect on both mind and body.

Breath work has a profound effect on our being, both physiologically and emotionally. It is also uplifting and re-energises the body’s ability to heal.
I feel this is a perfect marriage of two great therapies and is particularly effective for ongoing chronic pain.

Always consult your GP for a diagnosis and, when necessary, x-rays.

What to expect?

  • The first treatment will include a thorough examination. I will ask you about your past medical history and will perform a postural, orthopedic and neurological examination (not as scary as it sounds). Then we discuss what treatment may be necessary and what to expect from your treatment plan and how to include the breath.
  • The follow-on treatments will be tailor-made to your needs by using the breath and bodywork.
  • You will be taken care of in a friendly and relaxed environment.

What to wear

Please note that for the purpose of a spinal examination you may be asked to undress down to your underwear. If this feels uncomfortable you may wear shorts and a sports top or other appropriate loose fitting clothes.

Don’t Delay…
A large number of my patients had learned to live with their pain thinking nothing could be done. So when they finally came for treatment they were often surprised to learn why they were hurting and that something could be done to help them. In most cases, after just a few treatments they started feeling better, experiencing not only a diminished amount of pain but a better quality of life. Most people wished they had come years ago.

Take Care of Yourself

If you suffer from back pain for more than three days without any improvement or if you have recurring back pain, seek treatment now.

Don’t let your life get run down by it.

Telephone: 0786 8890 388

The first one hour consultation cost is £ 50

Follow up treatments cost are £ 40 per session