Breath Therapy

Breath Therapy

How does Emotional Breath Release work?

The in breath and out breath are increased in depth and frequency, as if you are exercising. The increased breathing is done while being still, and thereby building  an extra energy supply within the body. This excess of energy has a deep transformative effect on all aspects of our being, some feel very relaxed, others may have emotional releases. Many who have had a number of sessions describe a sense of being reborn.

Emotional Breath Release  is beneficial for a number of ailments as well as for personal insights and well-being.

The breath work is always done in a safe and nurturing atmosphere were you can relax and reconnect to your breath

The breath work is easy and for anyone who has reached a point where they need simple and effective change.

The initial 30 min consultation is free.

The following charge is 60 pounds for a session that lasts up to 2 hours. 10 breath work sessions are recommended, but not necessary.

All sessions are by appointment only – Late arrival for appointments will result in a reduced session time

24hr cancellation policy – All appointments cancelled under less than this time are to be paid in full.

Please call me Jacqui Storm at 07868890388